Tiny Live Art (Development Agency): Station House Opera, The Bastille Dances (1989)

Robert Daniels


For LADA’s 20th anniversary, Robert Daniels has created the special edition Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) - 20 works for 20 years: 20 miniature sculptures of iconic performance works, which were nominated by artists and curators.

Part re-enactment, part archive, part hobby, Tiny Live Art embraces and embodies theories and practices of performance documentation, re-enactment and the making and sharing of memory, and draws from aspects of street art, installation and hobbyist pursuits like model railway and airfix kit building.

Robert Daniels has created two sets of Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) editions. One set of editions is made up of twenty pieces which have been created with a bespoke display and are exclusively available as one-off works for sale on Unbound.

The second set of editions are encased within bell jars, are on permanent display in LADA’s Study Room, and are not available to purchase.


Station House Opera, The Bastille Dances (1989)

"This is Station House Opera’s The Bastille Dances (1989), mounted on an aerated brick (the kind used in the work). This rendition is a composite construction, evoking and recreating elements of the various stagings of the original. Site plays a huge part in the meaning and context of the original work, not just literally, but symbolically. The massive scale reduced down onto a single (broken) aerated brick brings attention to the work itself “as site”. It was an extensive build, using a range of materials and techniques. It’s the most elaborate of the series." - Robert Daniels 

The Bastille Dances - on Aerated brick (split) (L26/19cm x W21cm x D10/18cm). Preiser 14412 (assorted figures, modified), Preiser 17180 (Scaffolding), sculpting foam (extruded XPS STYROFOAM), ceramic bricks.


On purchasing your Tiny Live Art we will contact you about postage costs and delivery options.

View the full bespoke Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) collection here.​

Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) launch event: 6 March 2019, at LADA.

LADA marks its 20th Anniversary with a series of initiatives throughout 2019, including a publication, AGENCY: a Partial History of Live Art and a box set of 20 postcards representing key LADA projects and initiatives.

LADA marks its 20th Anniversary with a series of initiatives throughout 2019, including a publication, AGENCY: a Partial History of Live Art and a box set of 20 postcards representing key LADA projects and initiatives.

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