Take A Peek!

Bobby Baker


Video documentation of Bobby Baker's Take A Peek! (1995), third in the Daily Life Series.

'This was an extremely happy working collaboration and is a favourite show of ours. It required an extraordinarily generous gift of time from collaborators, such as the architects who worked so carefully to create an environment for such a complex, surreal set of scenes. I realised early in conception of the idea that anything to do with women’s bodies was so taboo that subtlety and cunning, and a surreal approach, would be necessary to evoke images and provoke complex responses.'

Text extract from Bobby Baker: Redeeming Features of Daily Life edited by Michèle Barrett and Bobby Baker (2007), Routledge.

Creative collaboration and co-direction - Polona Baloh Brown

Filmed by Simon Maggs at the Southbank Centre, London, LIFT Festival 1995.

Commissioned by LIFT

© Bobby Baker, 2008. PAL-DVD, 62 minutes.

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