Final Transmission: Performance Art and AIDS in Los Angeles

Eds. Brian Getnick and Tanya Rubbak


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Final Transmission is a book of intergenerational dialogue between artists, scholars and activists about what it means to transfer the skills, ideas and mysteries of performance through pandemic and crises.

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The book is the final edition of NS, Brian Getnick and Tanya Rubbak’s 6 volume archive of performance art and community in Los Angeles.

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In the summer of 2016, NS, the performance art journal of Los Angeles, brought together 35 performance artists, scholars, and activists to discuss the impact of the ongoing AIDS crisis on queer communities and performance culture in Los Angeles. Throughout that four day event, participants uncovered histories, myths and a deep well of emotion on both sides of the generational divide created by the epidemic. Final Transmission: Performance Art and AIDS in Los Angeles compiles those exchanges in a book that highlights the legacy of catastrophe on performance making in the context of pandemics past and present.

Contributors to the book include: Pablo Alvarez Cruz, Benita Roth, Ty Geltmaker, Jamillah James, Nao Bustamante, Jennifer Doyle, Marcel Alcala, Mica Sigourney, Liss Lafleur, Daniel Hellman, Alexandra Juhasz, Dont Rhine, Chris Freeman, Jack Halberstam, Simone Aughterlony, Travis Read-Davidson, Bradon Drew Holmes, Raquel Gutiérrez, Andy Sacher, Robb Hernandez, Rafa Esparza, Sebastian Hernandez, Kenyon Farrow, Nathan Schocher, Keith Hennessy, Philip Littell, Ryka Aoki, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, Obidio Martinez, Marc Streit, Mark Cramer, Rubén Esparza, Stuart Sandford, DINO DINCO, Ron Athey, Zackary Drucker, Sheree Rose, iiia anxelin eleuia xochipilli, Tanya Rubbak and Brian Getnick.

ISBN (print) 9781838022945 

ISBN (e-pub) 9781838022952 

Published by NS and Live Art Development Agency, 2021. 388 pages, with black and white images throughout.

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