Compost Mentis #1

Compost Mentis


All proceeds are going to the Black Land and Spatial Justice fund.

Compost Mentis #1: A quarantine zine about soil care

A zine about looking after the soil - including...

- DIY soil tests you can do yourself to find out what your soil needs
- fiction about mud
- poetry
- an essay about the role viruses play in the soil
- prompts to think about your own connection to soil
- PLUS a regenerative seed mix tucked in the back pocket, which will give your soil some TLC and provide flowers for you and the insects.

By Compost Mentis, a soil and alternative sanitation co-op working for ecological and social justice in everyday urban spaces - Hari Byles, Shumaisa Khan, Olly Edmonds, and Linden K McMahon. Contains Illustrations by Nicky Arscott, and artwork by Saif Osmani and Mariana Heilmann

A5, 38 pages, full colour. Printed on recycled paper.

Cover image: Hari Byles (@Compost_Mentis_coop)


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