Brian Lobel on his book 'Purge' and his Unbound Top Picks

I am so proud of the book of Purge because it includes the voices of so many people who collaborated on the work with me, featuring interviews with other artists who have performed Purge, info/emails/responses that never made it into the stage show, and an essay - for me, a very important essay - about why Purge was created. Purge has been seen by thousands of audiences, both in person and via live-stream. While many people are interested in the show because it's about virtual friendships (which is, understandably, a relevant topic) for me the work was ALWAYS first and foremost been about love and loss. The book gives me an opportunity to talk about love and I'm proud of that.

Other things I recommend from Unbound:

The Only Way Home is Through the Show: Performance Work of Lois Weaver
Eds. Lois Weaver and Jen Harvie
Everything I learned about performance I learned from feminist solo and collaborative performance, originally being a students of Holly Hughes, and later of Lois Weaver. Their work - both in its content and in its ethos of development - has been the most important influence on my practice, and on my personal development.

Paper Stages
Forest Fringe
Forest Fringe is the most important company in the UK, and has been my home (in both Edinburgh and internationally) for many years. They - much like collectives like WOW (discussed in Lois' book) - produce as much daring work as they do produce a supportive and loving community.

Out of Now: The Lifeworks of Tehching Hsieh
Adrian Heathfield and Tehching Hsieh
I am interested in exertion, commitment to an idea, and exhaustion; no one exemplifies that kind of practice more than Teching Hsieh, whose work demonstrates an extreme commitment/sacrifice of the personal inside his work.

Access All Areas: Live Art & Disability
Eds. Lois Keidan and CJ Mitchell
This collection is most important for me because it reminds me of the weekend symposium which it, in part, documents, one of the most awe-inspiring weekends of debate, discussion and performance by leading artists and academics.

Battle of Orgreave 
Jeremy Deller
This work - as I hope my work strives to do - takes a singular concept (have a battle recreation but focused on the miner strike) and beautifully produces it with stunning consequences. Deller's conceit is so simple and yet profound, and I find it a very moving work.