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Unbound is the world’s only online shop dedicated to Live Art, performance and interdisciplinary art practice.

You can buy books, DVDs, editions, hard-to-find artists’ publications and exclusive titles.

Unbound is a Live Art Development Agency (LADA) initiative. All proceeds from Unbound are reinvested into LADA’s publishing initiatives.

The shop promotes and disseminates hard-to-find artists’ publications, objects and prints. Unbound also sells titles published and co-published by the Live Art Development Agency, by independent artists and organisations, and by major publishing houses.

Unbound holds a number of series (including the Crossovers DVD series and collections of work by Blast Theory, Bobby Baker, Gob Squad and others), alongside temporary shelves of titles relating to key public programmes and events (such as the "SPILL Specials" shelf).

Titles can be searched by artists and authors; by artistic practices like Dance, Theatre and Photography; by subjects such as Feminism, Race and Disability; and by areas of interest including Audiences, Histories and Activism.

Further information about the Live Art Development Agency is available at www.thisisliveart.co.uk.

LADA is a member of East End Trades Guild, a community of small independent businesses, providing social spaces, sustaining relationships between neighbours and making our streets safer and better places to be.

 The Theatre & Performance programme at Plymouth University prides itself on preparing rigorously trained practitioner-scholars who are able to create and critique contemporary performance material. As part of this process, it is important to introduce our students to a wide variety of making-strategies, and each year we provide each of our first year students with a collection of critical texts to support their development.

The Live Art Development Agency's Unbound shop stocks such a wide range of materials, many of which are designed to speak directly to the emerging practitioner, which made it easy to find a collection of original and stimulating sources, and order multiple copies of each. In future, I look forward to working with LADA to develop a rich and engaging reading list to ensure that our students are provided with a range of cutting-edge reflections upon contemporary theatre and Live Art practices.

Dr Lee Miller, Theatre & Performance, Plymouth University


A Navigation Through Unbound by Mary Paterson

Mary Paterson was writer in residence at the Live Art Development Agency between 2009 and 2010. During this time, Mary used Unbound as a tool and a provocation to explore the relationships between Live Art and its audiences, documentation and representations. Read A Navigation...


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