Tele-Encounters: Telepresence and Migration

Ed. Marina Hanganu


Tele-Encounters is an artistic and sociological research project exploring telepresence and family relationships in the context of migration. Based on interviews with Romanian migrants in Spain and left-behind families in Romania, we have created "The Planet of Lost Dreams", a telematic theatre performance about a Romanian family separated by migration. The performance takes place simultaneously in Romania and Spain, with physically present audiences in both countries. The actors in the two studios interact in real-time using video-conferencing and Kinect-controlled animations.
The performance was live-streamed and the video can be watched here:
Inspired by interviews with left-behind families of Portuguese migrants, we have commissioned five 360˚ short films to be watched on VR headsets in each country as part of the "Ellipses" CVR exhibition.

Tele-Encounters is led by The "George Ciprian" Theatre in Buzău (Romania), in partnership with UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (Spain) and Município de Lousada (Portugal).
238 pages, softback. 20.5 cm x 15 cm.

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