9th Day of Unbound: Tammy Reynolds

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I would be lying if I said I had read all these books. It would also be a lie to say that I’ve read any of these books fully. I’m not very good at finishing things, especially when they’re inspiring. I put them down and go to write or move. The rage and education and expression I get from Live Art, either stems from these books, or brought me to them. All of these books are ones I love and ones I want and a sure-fire way to learn about this world. However, I believe Martin O’Brien’s, Survival of the Sickest, is essential reading for the times. Treat it like a bible…a bible you can get 12% off. Like one of those bibles you find in a motel bedside drawer.

Thanks to the LADA lot helping me to look like I read more than I do.‘

-- Tammy Reynolds

Re:Form, a new online performance and exhibition by Tammy and Natalia Bedkowska, and commissioned by DaDaFest, is available online until Sunday 13 December.