7th Day of Unbound: Nando Messias

8 Items total

  1. Mishandled Archive—Tara Fatehi Irani

Tara’s book looks amazing. I’ve been fretting over my personal archive for the last couple of years so would love to read it and learn from her. Need it!

  1. I’m here—Franko B

Limited edition of 22. I love Franko  B and I love his work. The ultimate Christmas present. Fa-bu-lous!

  1. An Apartment on Uranus—Paul B. Preciado

Inspiring, transgressive and thought-provoking—qualities we desperately need at the moment. So desperately.

  1. Commit to mutual aid, fellowship and reciprocity tea towel—Clare Qualmann, Madeleine Collie and Rebecca Conroy

Because you can never have too many tea towels. Because it’s for a good cause. Because it’s beautiful. And because I want one! 

  1. PLAYING UP: a live art game for kids and adults—Sibylle Peters

Gorgeous and fun. And besides, who wouldn’t want to play a round of live art games while delicately nibbling mince pies and elegantly sipping sherry in front of a fantasised fire place?

  1. LADA at 20 Postcards

Stunning images featuring some of my favourite live artists and marking LADA’s 20th anniversary. Plus, I’m in it.

  1. Performance Magazine Poster—Derek Jarman AND Ethyl Eichelberger and Lily Savage

Now, technically there are two items here. They would look great framed and next to each other so I couldn’t decide. Why not get both? Is that greedy? Even better.


Nando Messias is a queer performance artist and researcher, whose performances are based on lived experience and explore social violence, visibility and exclusion. Nando’s last performance before lockdown, The Pink Supper, was commissioned by LADA and the Library of Performing Rights.

Image by Holly Revell