5th Day of Unbound: Nwando Ebizie

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So once I started doing this I couldn’t stop

Because once I started thinking - what gifts do I need? What gifts do I need to give to others?

Then it became about what is vital, what is missing, what needs to be seen and experienced

Then once it is about what is vital, then the structure of ‘days of christmas’ seems less important.


So a list of vitality and its shadow

Each of these texts serves to provoke, question, offer answers and more questions.

They delve into the missing parts and the awkward spaces. Each of these texts demands 5 more texts to answer the questions they have posed. And each of them will demand 5 more and 5 more 

And on and on and maybe then we could fix the world

They each offer a type of release from the constrained ways our society is formed to ignore and oppress. Each is an opening to new possibilities and rabbit warrens full of potential paths for further research and exploration.