2nd Day of Unbound: Amy Sharrocks

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The book I would give is all about love - bell hooks 

A detailed inquiry of numerous writings about love fires this forensic examination of love and the importance of centring it as a guiding force. hooks advocates for an ethics of love rooted in justice for all. Forgiveness, self-love, generosity, interdependency, self-esteem, deception, patriarchal and capitalist brutalities: this book is a constant source of support and guidance to help us navigate this challenging and violent world. all about love is a how-to book for survival that I have returned to most days over the last two years.


The book I would love to receive is It’s All Allowed, the Performances of Adrian Howells, edited by Deirdre Heddon & Dominic Johnson

I had been hoping to work with Adrian the year he died and his radical politics of kindness and tender nurturing remain a constant companion to me. His work on longing, connectedness, satisfaction and the centrality of touch, vulnerability and collective care resonates strongly with me and my practice. I fetishize hugging, I long for touch, and in Covid times even stroking the pages of this book I expect will be a huge source of comfort.