1st Day of Unbound: Neil Bartlett

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To start LADA's twelve days of Christmas offer with a moment of true gorgeousness, I have chosen ABSTRACT VAUDEVILLE; THE ART OF ROSE ENGLISH for your consideration as a potential ( and potentially knock-out) gift. Why? Well, seeing Rose's magnificent work and person back in the 1980's was where a lot of things started for me. She made things that were just bigger and braver  and better and more beautiful than seemed reasonable or even possible in those dark times; she kicked open doors , and kick-started a whole generation of  imaginations. So she seems like a great present to suggest on the first of these twelve days, because for me her work is all about an endless act - and Act - of beginning. Which is what we all need to be gathering fuel for, this winter, right ?   Plus, I love books , and this is a really great one . It's heavy , sexy, big  - just the way I like 'em -  and packed with not only terrific text but truly luscious images. I mean ,  look at that cover. Who wouldn't want to be unwrapping that  !!! So why not give the gift of Rose this Christmas. A great woman. A great artist. A beginning.

xxx Neil Bartlett

A Vision of Love Revealed In Sleep, Neil Bartlett, 2017.