October 09, 2015

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‘The Only Way Home Is Through the Show’ - Book launch in New York, 23 October 2015

Lois Weaver is one of the true pioneers in feminist and lesbian performance. Edited by Jen Harvie and Lois Weaver, The Only Way Home Is Through the Show: Performance Work of Lois Weaver is a guided tour of Lois Weaver’s aesthetics, principles, inspirations, innovations, and desires, featuring a wealth of material that has never previously been published.

Join LADA and Lois for a very special Book Launch in New York: 

Abrons Arts Center, New York 
Friday 23 October 2015
6pm, Free to attend
Book launch and Cocktails with Lois Weaver and Jen Harvie. Part of Just Like A  Woman: New York Edition, a three-day programme of shows, installations, cabarets and discussions looking at the performance of identity.

September 23, 2015

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'D.I.Y Too' buy it first only on Unbound

Currently exclusive to Unbound Customers only DIY Too, is a new book edited by Robert Daniels about “do it yourself” performance, with contributions made by over 30 arts practitioners and collectives.

This book addresses a wide range of perspectives on "DIY" theatre and performance and identifies key axioms and dichotomies between ethos and style.

Contributors include: Accidental Collective: Pippa Bailey: Simon Bowes: Daniel Bye: Karen Christopher: Helen Cole: Dirty Market and many more.

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September 16, 2015

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'The Art of Living: An Oral History of Performance Art' now available to buy on Unbound

Across a series of twelve in-depth interviews with a diverse range of major artists, Dominic Johnson presents a new oral history of performance art. From uses of body modification and physical extremity, to the creation of all-encompassing personae, to performance pieces lasting months or years, these artists have provoked and explored the vital limits between art and life. Their discussions with Johnson give us a glimpse of their artistic motivations, preoccupations, processes, and contexts. Despite the diversity of art forms and experiences featured, common threads weave between the interviews: love, friendship, commitment, death and survival. 

Featuring interviews with: Ulay, Anne Bean, the Kipper Kids, BREYER P-ORRIDGE, Sheree Rose, Penny Arcade, Anne Magnuson, Joey Arias, Ron Athey, Julia Bardsley, David Hoyle, Adrian Howells.

Introduced by a critical essay, and artist overviews, this publication is ideal for students of art, theatre and performance, as well as for artists, scholars and general readers.

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September 11, 2015

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New LADA title: The Only Way Home Is Through the Show - Performance Work of Lois Weaver

The Only Way Home Is Through the Show: Performance Work of Lois Weaver edited by Lois Weaver and Jen Harvie is the third title in the Intellect Live series, this new publication tells the stories of Lois Weaver: one of the pioneers of feminist and lesbian performance in North America, the UK and beyond.

Featuring a wealth of material that has never previously been published, the book includes contributions from many of Weaver’s key collaborators, old and new, and many of the most important feminist writers, photographers, and performance makers of the last forty years.

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September 08, 2015

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'Out of Now' Paperback now available

Out of Now edited by Adrian Heathfield and Tehching Hsieh is the first major publication on the extraordinary and influential Taiwanese-American artist Tehching Hsieh.

After years of near-invisibility, Hsieh has collaborated with the writer and curator Adrian Heathfield to create this meticulous and visually arresting record of the complete body of his artworks from 1978-1999. Out of Now is the first extensive critical account of these remarkable works. 

Buy now for the special launch price of just £25

Chisenhale Dance Space on Unbound

We are delighted to announce a new selection of key texts in the field of Dance and Performance Studies that feature Chisenhale Dance Space.

Chisenhale Dance Space holds a unique position in the history of British dance and these texts record this rich history whilst exploring the politics of the body in performance.

Titles include; Judith Mackrell’s Out of Line, Stephanie Jordan’s Striding Out and Chisenhale Dance Space founding member Emilyn Claid’s Yes? No! Maybe…. Seductive Ambiguity in Dance.

These books join a growing number of titles available to buy on the Dance shelf of Unbound which interrogate the body in movement. 

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