Patrons News: Tim Etchells & the 2016 Spalding Gray Award

Uncertain Fragments: Tim Etchells and Hugo Glendinning, 2016

Tim Etchells is the recipient of the 2016 Spalding Gray Award.

The Spalding Gray Award was announced in Chicago at an opening reception for Forced Entertainment’s current retrospective.

The retrospective includes presentations of The Notebook, and Speak Bitterness, excerpts from Complete Works: Tabletop Shakespeare and an event as part of Etchells’ ongoing collaboration with Matthew Goulish, The Institute of Failure.

With the Spalding Gray Award, Etchells will collaborate with Forced Entertainment to create a new performance piece titled Real Magic, which premieres in Germany this May, and will tour to venues in the US during 2016 and 2017.

Unbound offers seven of Tim Etchells’ collection of publications including Certain Fragments, an extraordinary exploration of what lies at the heart of contemporary theatre.

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