Patrons News: La Ribot & the ‘Mas Distinguidas’ Asian Tour

Exhibition view. La Ribot. Panoramix (1993 - 2003), 2003

La Ribot is a radically trans-disciplinary artist, her projects starting out from movement, the body and her origins in dance, and then adopting whatever practices, systems or materials her concept prompts.

Her piece with Mas Distinguidas, first performed by La Ribot in 1997, was the second in the series of her Distinguished Pieces. In her current revival, she has invited dancer Ruth Childs to inherit her role, surprising new audiences with this seminal and pertinent work.

In March the piece will tour Asia, for dates and more info.

Find La Ribot’s publications and DVDs on Unbound, including La Ribot, a double volume of work by and about La Ribot and the DVD Treintaycuatropiecesdistinguées&onestriptease a documentary version of a long production process that began in 1991 with the "striptease show" Socorro! Gloria! and concluded with Panoramix (2003).

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