Feminism On Unbound

re.act.feminism #2 - a performing archive

Bettina Knaup and Beatrice Ellen Stammer
This book explores feminist, gender-critical and queer performance art, which played a key role in the development of performance. Looking at works by over 180 artists from the 1960s to the beginning of the 1980s.


A Contemporary Struggle

Jamila Johnson-Small and Alexandrina Hemsley
A collection of texts and images that respond to the duet 'O' - a dance that works to resist the objectifying tendencies of performer/spectator relationships, the gaze on the female body and reductive notions of race.



Splat! The Adventures of Little Bitch: Part One

The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein
Splat! is a story about Little Bitch, a sheltered young girl who cares for her father and their little cottage, until she births her inner monstrous vagina-beast and then some stuff happens.



Big Hits     

Big Hits rises up in the space between live art and theatre, relentlessly looking for a good time –and staring hard at censorship, propriety, and the violence that can erupt when noise is stifled.