Unbound Featured Artist: Katherine Araniello

Always uncensored and uncompromising, the original "Sick Bitch Crip" Katherine Araniello creates work confronting disability and creating alternative contexts devoid of sentimentality. Purchase all her recent publications and DVDs below only on Unbound. 


The Dinner Party Revisited

This publication draws together documentation of The Dinner Party Revisited the artists most audacious, ambitious and large-scale live work to date, combining improvised performance with live streaming technology, video and random interactions with audience members. Buy Now


Bite The Hand That Feeds!

The Disabled Avant-Garde (aka DAG) is a satirical organisation formed by the artists Katherine Araniello and Aaron Williamson. They create video and performance art to cause confusion and provoke debate by subverting society's perceptions and expectations of disabled people. Buy Now