'The Art of Living: An Oral History of Performance Art' now available to buy on Unbound

Across a series of twelve in-depth interviews with a diverse range of major artists, Dominic Johnson presents a new oral history of performance art. From uses of body modification and physical extremity, to the creation of all-encompassing personae, to performance pieces lasting months or years, these artists have provoked and explored the vital limits between art and life. Their discussions with Johnson give us a glimpse of their artistic motivations, preoccupations, processes, and contexts. Despite the diversity of art forms and experiences featured, common threads weave between the interviews: love, friendship, commitment, death and survival. 

Featuring interviews with: Ulay, Anne Bean, the Kipper Kids, BREYER P-ORRIDGE, Sheree Rose, Penny Arcade, Anne Magnuson, Joey Arias, Ron Athey, Julia Bardsley, David Hoyle, Adrian Howells.

Introduced by a critical essay, and artist overviews, this publication is ideal for students of art, theatre and performance, as well as for artists, scholars and general readers.

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