Top Picks by Hellen Burrough, Associate Producer at Tempting Failure 2016

Tempting Failure have created a collection for Unbound. The collection contains publications written by/featuring artists who are in their 2016 programme. Additionally they chose 4 of their favourite publications. Hellen Burrough, Associate Producer at Tempting Failure describes her choice.

Blinded by Love
By Franko B


Blinded by Love is such a grand beautiful book, with its embossed cover and gold-edged pages, it's almost surprising that whats inside feels so intimate and tender. Franko B has always been an important artist to me. I got my introduction to performance art and body art when, at sixth form, I was handed his first book by a friend who told me I’d love the work it contained. Everything from the way Franko turned his flesh and blood into art to the vulnerable messages formed in neon has moved me and inspired me, and motivated me to further explore the world of performance art. This book came out years later, it looks back at 15 years of Franko’s work and contains the same images that grabbed me when I was a teenager. They still affect me now. Blinded by Love is such a comprehensive look at the last 15 years of his career, accompanied by texts from Ron Athey, Jennifer Doyle, Amelia Jones and more, it’s where I always look when I need a reminder of how powerful live art can be.

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