Top Pick by Helena Sands, Legacy Producer at Tempting Failure 2016

Tempting Failure have created a collection for Unbound. The collection contains publications written by/featuring artists who are in their 2016 programme. Additionally they chose 4 of their favourite publications. Helena Sands, Legacy Producer of Tempting Failure describes her choice.

Ana Mendieta: Traces
By Julia Bryan-Wilson, Adrian Heathfield et al

Before I knew who this artist was I’d seen her images and they bothered me, niggled at me; provoking both discomfort and a desire to keep looking. Coming from a background of performance and fine art I’m fascinated in the ways in which she grapples with both worlds simultaneously.  There is always absence in her work, something lost or missing. Yet she is present. Her passion marking a vehement refusal to thoroughly disappear.

Her “ between-ness”, through materials and states, always stays with me - silent indentations, traces, blood and bodies, elemental substances stripped and laid bare in the natural world. Matter and myth in a constant dialogue. We never quite see the act but always the aftermath. 

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