Exclusive Extract: Action Plans: Selected Performance Pieces

Unbound is excited to release an exclusive extract from one of our publications. This extract is taken from Prof Carl Lavery's introduction to Action Plans: Selected Performance Pieces by Action Hero. The introduction is an A-Z of key ideas, themes and practices from Action Hero's work. Shown in the extract are the entries for A and Z. Available to view online and PDF.

Action Hero is one of the most exciting and original performance companies working in the UK today. Exploring the epic and the banal, they create performance that is intimate and invigorating. Their ongoing interests lie in the iconography of popular culture and its use; both as a weapon and as a shaped cultural memory. The audience become co-conspirators in work which is playful yet intellectually rigorous. The distinctive and accessible aesthetic developed through their 10-year collaboration is now influencing a new generation of theatre-makers.

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